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This 4-week eCourse is designed to help you gain more clarity on your mental health journey, learn skills and practical tools for healing. We will also discuss where God meets mental health... and that despite us living in an imperfect world, we can find healing.

“My hope is that you will learn the coping skills and techniques necessary to help you overcome daily stressors, gain a stronger sense of self-awareness, and gain the ability to healthily function in any environment that you’re in.

Healing is not linear and this is not the final destination. My desire is that this course will provide fundamental resources needed along your journey.”

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See What People Are Saying...


Jennifer D.

I found this four week course extremely helpful! I was able to learn new ideas around mental health, see God in my own mental health journey and I am also taking away a tool/resource that I believe my workplace will benefit from! Big thanks to my instructor; Crystal obasanya!

Natalie B.

"The Tending to Your Mental Health eCourse was such a rich experience. As someone who has gone through my own mental health struggles, I really appreciate how Crystal tied everything back to the Word and provided concrete facts on how the origins of mental health tie back to scripture. It's helped me become more grounded in my faith and walk with Christ as I navigate mental health struggles as a Believer. Thank you so much, Crystal!"

Shola O.

“Tending To Your Mental Health was a blessing and helped me to be more intentional about processing what I feel in the moment and helping others to do the same. Can’t wait to keep applying these principles in real life!”

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