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5 Life Lessons I Have Learned By Twenty - Eight

Aging is just another word for living - Cindy Joseph

Birthday’s have always been something that I love celebrating and take seriously. With my most recent birthday passing, it led to more reflection and a few life lessons that I have picked up over the years. In this blog post today, I wanted to share 5 life lessons that I’ve ranked amongst the many I have learned — so let’s begin.


1. Do Not Forget To Live:

I wish I could say that I have done this for most of my adult life, but the truth is that for one reason or another, I have always been caught up in one task, phase of life, job, role etc. In these seasons, I realized that I was not actually living, but instead existing and “doing”. After a major surgery in December of 2021, I told myself that I was going to enjoy the present, be mindful of the gift that life is and actually live. This is a life Motto that I plan to carry with me for the rest of my life.

2. I Am Not For Everyone:

We all innately have a desire to belong and be loved. With the countless places that I have lived and/or moved to, establishing friendships can be tricky. Instead of forcing myself into a seat at the table of another, I decided to build my own because the truth is that I really am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. Crystal from years ago would be open to having a friendship with the whole world —I’ve since matured in my desires as well as my understanding that I must selectively choose the friends I need. All that glitters isn’t gold, and I would rather have a few faithful friends than a crowd of people who barely know and love me. Sometimes all it also really takes is assessing your life and friendships only to realize the people who root for you when you need it, help to pick you up when you’re down, clap when you win and celebrate you with joy. I am thankful for my current tribe.

3. God Is Still Good

Boy has life been tough as an adult. There are so many different things that begin to plague you as a developing person and that also comes with problems of its own. One day, I definitely plan on writing a book because I believe my story is so worth sharing and encouraging someone out there. I’ve battled with my mental health, physical health and spiritual health, but can say that I am still standing by the grace of God. Although, the trials may be many and I may never understand — God, you are still good.

4. Life Is A Battle

There will always be something trying to fight against your peace. Choose peace anyways. Choose hope anyways. Choose healing anyways. With vices like social media, the immeasurable information that we take in daily, the past pain and or trauma we have experienced, it has been so important for me to take a step back and just choose being present over being active. Life is a battle, but a battle we’ve already won through Christ and will continue winning in.