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7 Affirmations To Start Your Week

According to the Webster dictionary, the definition of affirm means to show or express a strong belief in or dedication to (something, such as an important idea).

I don't know about you, but sometimes, I need to declare and speak truth over myself and my situation. Today I am going to be sharing 7 examples of affirmations that you can speak loudly (or quietly) and boldly over yourself. Feel free to print out the sheet below as it is downloadable and printable to create your own!

Positive affirmations can be very powerful because they not only remind you of the truth, but also release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety. When affirmations are repeated consistently, they begin to sink into your thoughts, slowly transforming your pattern of thinking and ultimately changing your life. What you say to yourself matters and if you are prone to negative self talk or internal dialogue, I really do hope this list helps you.

1. I am capable

2. God has equipped me with all that I need

3. I am not late or behind in life

4. I carry an abundance of joy

5. God will never leave me nor forsake me

6. I am loved by God

7. My trials only make me stronger

Your turn:

Did you find this blog post helpful? Feel free to leave a comment and share your affirmations with me!

- CrystalO MSW,LMSW


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