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A Must Watch Show: The Chosen Season 2

What do we want? Another season of The Chosen! When do we want it? Well, whenever the producers can release it!

I have GOOD NEWS, I can point you in the direction of the gospel and Season 2 of The Chosen *Inserts Praise Dance*.

Season 2 of The Chosen premiered on Easter, and the EIGHT episodes are releasing one at a time, so grab your popcorn, a blanket and dive into this new season!

I know… you are probably thinking a show like this must come with a cost. I am excited to share that downloading the app for The Chosen and watching it is completely FREE. Without further ado, let’s get into why I love The Chosen, what you can expect, as well as my recap of Season 1 and excitement for Season 2.

Why I Love The Chosen

The Chosen is so educational and engaging. As a visual learner, I learn a lot quicker when my senses are engaged. I also watch the show to not only learn more about the life of Jesus, but other important people from the bible as well.

Watching their stories portrayed in The Chosen is like putting a face to a character that you have heard so much about in scripture. I can honestly say that watching this show has also been educational and helpful with developing my spiritual growth as a Christian. If anything, The Chosen makes me want to pick up my Bible and learn more!

While watching the series, I found myself poking my husband, who went to seminary, and creating pretty great dialogue about the show. Friends of ours have also shared that between juggling kids and a newborn, The Chosen has helped them remain rooted in scripture resulting in powerful dialogue and revelations when watching.

This show also provides a gospel and biblical-centered approach, which is always great when the busyness of life draws you away from the rhythm of being consistent in scripture. The more I watched the show, the more I found myself believing that God can and will fulfill my heart desires that I am praying about and helped me realize the mighty power of Jesus.

I enjoy The Chosen because it pushes me to want to learn more about the Bible and specific Hebrew words mentioned. If you begin watching the series and question your knowledge about the Bible and the characters, trust me, you are not alone.

What You Can Expect From The Chosen

During my time watching the show, Google became a helpful go-to as I learned words like “Shabbat” mean “Sabbath”. I also love the quality of production and the depiction of the characters. I could tell that the producers put effort into the wardrobe, the accents and the actors selected for certain roles to bring about a more accurate representation of the Bible. I appreciate this as many productions leave out a lot of important details that are true to the historical representation of the bible.

The show also makes me feel more in awe o