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I am therapist by day and a content creator by night. A wife, lover of Jesus, all things aesthetically pleasing and cooking.

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Four Ways To Support A Friend Or Loved One Struggling With Their Mental Health

1. Offer support and empathy

Using statements like, “How can I best support you during this time” and “I am so sorry you are going through this”, go a long way in connecting and being a safe person for a loved one.

2. Be present

Don’t feel the need to “fix” your friend or loved one in the moment. Often times our own discomfort with someone else’s sadness or dysregulation can make us desire to swoop in and be the hero. Be patient and allow the episode or moment to pass.

3. Don’t panic. Remain Calm

In this moment, you have the opportunity to be an external regulator. Offer to practice a healthy coping skill with a friend or loved one. I.e deep breathing, counting, walking, sitting etc

4. Provide resources

Lovingly recommend that your loved one seek professional help and support along with your support. is a great resource to find local mental health providers.


Disclaimer: These tips are not inclusive of chronic mental health concerns that might include symptoms such as self harm, harming someone else or suicidal ideation due to mental health issues. In a more time sensitive situation like the ones above, please call your local crisis mental health service.

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Crystal Obasanya MSW,LMSW

About Me

As a wife, entrepreneur, content creator and therapist, there is never a dull moment in my life.I am a lover of Jesus, beauty, skincare and wellness. I enjoy cooking and sometimes pretend like I have my own show while doing it. I am currently based in Dallas,Tx and I believe life is something to be shared with others and that is exactly what I love to do, sharing my journey and inspiring others along the way. I prefer honesty and authenticity, so you can expect that from me. I am excited you are here and hope the content on this website inspires, refreshes and encourages you.



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