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Makeup Products You Did Not Know You Needed

This summer I spent some time trying out new products as well as some that I have been using for years. This list is merely reflective of the products I have found myself using often and have loved! I am looking forward to sharing my Fall and Spring favorites when that time comes around! Without further ado, lets get into these products that you did not know you needed.

1. Patrick Ta Major Beauty Headlines - Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush

This product is fairly new to me and I currently own this in Radiant Finish. I love this product because it has both a cream and a powder blush that rolls onto my skin so effortlessly. As a woman of color, I also love how it compliments my skin tone. If you are new to wearing blush, like me, I would definitely recommend this product.

2. SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen

Say it with me "Everyone needs to wear sunscreen." Sunscreen is so important, no matter what shade your skin is. Wearing sunscreen has a number of benefits, but one that sticks out to me is that it protects your skin as well as prevents hyper pigmentation from occurring or worsening. One thing I love most about the Unseen Sunscreen is that it does not leave a flaky white residue, but instead rolls onto my skin like butter and has a very lightweight non-greasy feel. If you are looking for a new sunscreen, this is it!

3. Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil

I absolutely love this brow pencil! I have used them for about 2+ years and I must say that I am hooked. These are perfect if you desire a very natural brow look to create fine strokes and fillers into your eyebrows. I would 10/10 recommend. I own this in shade 4 and I have thoroughly enjoyed this product.

4. Benefit Brow Micro filling

This product is unbelievably amazing. Like, actually genius! These brow pens make my eyebrows look like I just got my eyebrows micro bladed, but instead I skipped on the price and the one year commitment. #winning