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I am therapist by day and a content creator by night. A wife, lover of Jesus, all things aesthetically pleasing and cooking.

I am extroverted, literally

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Marriage Is Not For Me....

and it's not for you either...

As Valentines day creeps around the corner. I think it’s fitting to share a reality and truth about marriage. Marriage can be far from what you perceive it to be on social media — It cannot be limited to cute Instagram pictures and highlight reels on another’s relationship.

Marriage has been one of the most refining relationships I have ever entered into. I remember when I was single and I came across a blog post that discussed how marriage is indeed not for me. It pushed my curiosity button and led me to realize that marriage really is not for me... and it is not for you either. Now before you throw this whole blog post away, stay a while longer and allow me to unpack my sentiments.

Prior to being married, I held the idea that when I got married, life would just be this fairytale and would ultimately end in a happily ever after scene, because that's what Disney promised us right? I would have an effortless marriage that would take little to no work, no past trauma or emotional wounds to heal from and to top it all off, my husband would magically be able to read my mind so I don't actually have to say what I want, feel or need. Magical right?

As we entered into week one of marriage and now being in year three, I am deeply reminded that marriage takes sacrifice and above all, is a selfless act. Sure, I may benefit from my husbands amazing massages, the joy I find in our quality time together, having double the income and many other things, but that does not negate the work that goes into what ultimately becomes a healthy marriage. To be self centered and self focused in my marriage will ultimately lead to its destruction.

The sentiment remains that marriage is a selfless act. We do not enter into marriage with the idea of self preservation, but instead executing and reflecting the unconditional love and grace that we receive from Christ daily.

My hope is that this blog post would give you a realistic view of marriage and to remind you that a kingdom marriage truly isn’t about you or for you.



About Me

As a wife, entrepreneur, content creator and therapist, there is never a dull moment in my life.I am a lover of Jesus, beauty, skincare and wellness. I enjoy cooking and sometimes pretend like I have my own show while doing it. I am currently based in Dallas,Tx and I believe life is something to be shared with others and that is exactly what I love to do, sharing my journey and inspiring others along the way. I prefer honesty and authenticity, so you can expect that from me. I am excited you are here and hope the content on this website inspires, refreshes and encourages you.

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