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November Chit Chat | Balancing Life, Skincare Routine, Waiting Until Marriage etc.

Hello there, happy first day of the new month! I am praying that this month would be filled with joy and peace.

I wanted to try something new on the blog where I answer monthly questions. If you are following me on Instagram (@CrystalOTv), you might have seen me upload an Insta story with a question box to submit your questions, so make sure to follow me there for a chance to get your question answered during a monthly chit chat.

Q: How do you manage time for everyone in your life? (God, Husband, Friends, Family etc).

A: One thing that I have learned about life is that it always gets busier. On some days, I find my self saying I can't wait until *Insert future season of life*, until I can have more time. The honest truth is that life sadly wont slow down until I retire. So what does that mean for how I balance life now? With being the busiest I have ever been in my life, I have learned that in order to manage time for everyone in my life, I must be intentional with prioritizing time dedicated to important people and things in my life. An example of how I am currently striving to prioritize God in my life is by reading scripture/devotional and playing worship music first thing in the morning before getting onto social media. An example of how I prioritize my husband is by listening to his needs and scheduling a weekly date night. Sometimes my husband desires that I just be present with him and I strive to that. When it comes to friends and family, It typically looks like planning to hang out or hopping on a phone call or face time call to catch up.

Q: How do you refocus after rough days?

A: After a rough day, I refocus by reframing the events of my day. A rough day does not mean I have a rough life. Oftentimes, the failure(s) we experience in a day can be helpful in teaching us something. I really do try to find a more positive perspective on my day so that I do not slip into a spiral downwards with negative thinking. After a long day, you can find me doing stuff I love: Cooking, watching t.v with my husband,working out, doing my nighttime skincare routine etc.

Q: What is your skincare routine?

A: My skincare routine changes often, but for the past three months, I have been tackling my acne by using Curology. It has literally been the biggest blessing! Check out my video on my skincare routine here: HOW I TREATED MY ACNE FAST! | SKINCARE ROUTINE

Q: What are some "rules" that helped you both when "waiting until marriage"?

When it came to waiting until marriage to have sex, we set up boundaries that helped us achieve the goal of waiting until marriage. We both knew that we wanted to honor God with our bodies and I honestly knew that I would only be able to trust my husband if he could honor me and God by abstaining. We were by no means perfect on our journey, but thank God for His grace. When we would find ourselves in a situation that crossed boundaries affectionately, we would repent, apologize and get back up to push towards the goal.

We both desired to wait, so that is most importantly what needs to be established. A mutual desire to wait until marriage, must be present. I have been in a relationship where I have found myself trying to almost convince my partner to abstain or found that my partner was solely waiting because of me. I knew that I did not want to have to force whoever I married to honor God and I also did not want their love/relationship with God to be based off of a desire to please me. In our first year of marriage, we did a Q&A on my channel that also discussed waiting until marriage. Check it out here: Marriage Q&A : Celibacy, Finding the "one", No Kissing, Kids, Standards etc

Well, that about wraps up the Chit Chat for this month! I hope my answers were helpful and encouraging. Leave a comment below with any questions you would like answered in next months chit chat. Remember to subscribe to the emailing list and join as a member to leave comments! Have an amazing month C-Squad.

Always With Love,

- C



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