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Postpartum Essentials To Make New Mama Life Easier - New mom must haves

A woman carrying her baby and smiling

Hey mama! Crystal checking in. If you are new here, here is a brief intro about me. I am a new mama to my miracle baby, Shiloh. After years of of fighting through infertility, we were blessed with what is now hands down the greatest joy of our life. As someone who shares their life online consistently over on Instagram, Youtube and TikTok (Follow and don't be a stranger!), I get asked frequently about the things that worked for me as well as links for items. In this blog I will be sharing things that I used postpartum that really made the beginning stages of postpartum easier to navigate. Think of me as your personal shopper that tries things out or researches them, so that you don't have to! I am undoubtedly a rookie at all of this, however my memory is fresh on what worked for me and my experiences, enjoy!


#1: Postpartum Essential: Ditch the Underwear +

Grab The Pad (Key words: Postpartum essentials, New mom must haves, Postpartum)

Disposable underwear is going to be a life saver and a new mom must have for the next couple of weeks. This is going to make recovery more comfortable by giving your Virginia and or lower abdomen time to recover. The lightweight and ease in which these can be used and disposed of take away the stress of squeezing into your own pairs too soon and or having to do laundry immediately when you get home. Make sure to ask the hospital for extra pairs before you discharge to stock up and if you want extra pairs to have enough to last, grab some from amazon here. You will also need some pads while your uterus is discharging the extra blood, it can take anywhere from days to weeks for the bleeding to stop. Click here for pads.

#2: Make life easier with a postpartum cart... and/or a basket

Having a utility cart have been a game changer and I am honestly tempted to buy another one. Having all of your go to products (diapers, wipes, nipple cream, pump etc.) in one place really does make a difference. Save yourself the hassle of being even more scatterbrained and grab a cart to organize your must haves on your cart. I use a basket caddy for my bedroom and then a cart for the living room, but plan on moving the cart right next to my bedside eventually. The bedside bassinet made me desire less clutter. Not feeling the cart life or also want a diaper caddy around the home? Click Here for the caddy basket.

A white cart next to a bed

#3: The breastfeeding and pump life for the new mom

If you are choosing to breastfeed and/or pump, these are some essentials that made my journey smoother.

- Nipple Cream:

A tube of nipple cream with writing saying "hey mama, mama" on it.

I use this when my nipples begin to feel more dry and or sore and it has protected me from having the bloody and cracked nipples I hear mamas speak of *ouch*. It is also a bonus that it is safe for baby and does not need to be rubbed off before feeding or pumping.

Click Here For Link To Nipple Cream


- Manual and Electric Pump:

I am yet to find a hands free electric pump that I like, so for now I will list the ones I like and currently use. The Haaka is wonderful for a manual collection of let down and the other Haaka can be used to express milk or as others have shared as a tool to help with clogged milk ducts. This electric pump gets the job done without breaking the bank

Click Here For Link to Manual Pump

Click Here For Link To Electric Pump


- Pumping and Breast Feeding Bras:

These are a must. I really have nothing else to add because of how essential they are.

2 breast feeding and pump friendly bras, one is grey and one black

Click Here For Link To Pumping and BF Bra


- Pumping and Breast Feeding Pajamas:

A woman wearing a grey two piece loungewear set

Comfort is key! With several parts of your body leaking, having clothing that is comfortable goes a long way. Click here for some comfy robe and pajama options.

Click Here For Link To Pajama/ Lounge Wear Sets


- Milk Producing Supplement:

A box with a picture of a cup of chocolate colored milk with a straw in it

When I came home from the hospital, my s

upply was still on its way in. I drank this for the first week to produce enough before my actual flow arrived. Regardless of whether you drink a supplement, do make sure you sure staying hydrated, eating and limiting stress.

Click Here For Link To Supplement


- Milk Storing Containers:

Containers and packets for storing milk

I love this Medela Storage system because it literally helps you keep track of the day and time your milk was stored at and helps you create a system around storage and freezing. This definitely made my storing system less stressful.

Click Here For Link To Milk Storing Containers


- Bamboo Nursing Pads:

Multi colored nursing pads

These are hands down a favorite! Say goodbye to milk leaking all over you. Did I mention that they are reusable and machine washable?

Click Here For Link To Bamboo Nursing Pads


- Lactation Massager and Leg Massager:

This has helped me through a few painful clogged ducts! This is absolutely not a must, but can be helpful when learning how to relieve yourself of clogged ducts. A warm shower and compression helps too.

If you have swelling that does not go down after giving birth or gets uncomfortable overtime, I found that this leg massager gave the same effect as the compression machine at the hospital and was a life saver to getting me back on my feet without the enormous swell appearance.

A box with a pink lactation massager on it and one beside it

Click Here For Link To Massager

A pair of leg massagers going from the thig down to the feet

Click here for link to Leg Massager


In summary, these are items that made the postpartum season more bearable. I hope these bless you just as much as they did me. You got this mama, rooting for you.

Here is a reel on my Instagram of me making light of the Postpartum season of life, I hope it makes you laugh.

For more direct links to items that I use or would recommend, follow me on my Amazon Store and LTK shop for exclusive shoppable content.

Find my Breast feeding Essentials Here

*FTC disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate and I receive a small commission when you shop directly from my links*

Key words: Postpartum essentials, New mom must haves, Postpartum



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