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I am therapist by day and a content creator by night. A wife, lover of Jesus, all things aesthetically pleasing and cooking.

I am extroverted, literally

have never met a stranger, so

let's be friends!


Pulling Out The Weeds From My Life

A few years ago, my husband and I were pulling out weeds in our backyard to prep for getting our grass put in. As I was pulling out the weeds, they didn’t seem to pose a huge threat, as they were green and might even blend right in with the grass. I then remembered how unruly weeds are and how they end up eating all the nutrients from the soil, hence not leaving enough nutrients for whatever is planted or grown.

In that moment, I realized the importance of the immediate removal, not just removing what I could see on the surface level, but pulling as deep as I could to get to the root of the weed — I knew I had to go deeper if I didn’t want the weeds to grow right back after all of the work I had done. Going deeper meant getting my hands messy and strategically pulling harder to ensure the roots were fully uprooted.

In this same moment, I began to think about my life and heart and how often I simply left weeds to remain planted due to them not seemingly posing as a threat or only being willing to pluck what is seen out of comfort. I realized that I have to be willing to go beyond the surface level or rather symptom level and tackle the root issue — over and over again as the weeds pop up, because let’s face it, seeds are always being planted in our minds and hearts daily. I have to be willing to sit in the discomfort and messiness to uproot whatever it is that is keeping me from God’s best for my life and the freedom I have in Christ. If not, the weeds will have their way and will only continue to grow deeper and deeper, leading to more destruction and deficiency.

My challenge for you today is to assess your life, mind and heart. Which weeds have you overlooked and which weeds have you merely plucked at surface level to prevent from doing the hard work of getting messy? Which weeds have you overlooked all in the name of familiarity, comfort and stability, knowing that there is so much more freedom for you? Which weeds have you merely plucked at surface level to give off the image of having it all together, when you know there is deeper work to be done? Which weeds have you put off from plucking due to busyness and waiting for that “perfect time” to uproot? Begin today to uproot the weeds that do not serve you, you’ll thank yourself later.



About Me

As a wife, entrepreneur, content creator and therapist, there is never a dull moment in my life.I am a lover of Jesus, beauty, skincare and wellness. I enjoy cooking and sometimes pretend like I have my own show while doing it. I am currently based in Dallas,Tx and I believe life is something to be shared with others and that is exactly what I love to do, sharing my journey and inspiring others along the way. I prefer honesty and authenticity, so you can expect that from me. I am excited you are here and hope the content on this website inspires, refreshes and encourages you.


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