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Read This Before Buying A Headband Wig #TrendingWigs



Last year I came across a head band wig online and I was honestly amazed with how convenient the concept was. When I finally got my hands on one and was able to have my own experience, I can honestly say that the installation process made my life so much easier. I did not have to worry about the lace matching my scalp, the middle part blending in or my edges being rubbed on by a full lace wig. Today I want to share more of the tops and tricks that I noted and also some valuable things to know before purchasing your first headband wig. The wig featured in the photos on this blog are from Luv Me Hair.


In the photo below, the package came with 5 headbands, bobby pins, a wig cap, edge scarf, a LuvMe hair clip and a LuvMe branded case pouch.

Things that I enjoy:

- You can alternate headbands to match different outfits

- If your roots are brown, it will blend well with hair that is close to the same shade

- It can be packed into different styles, like a bun and/or ponytail etc

- It looks natural, most people can't tell I am wearing a headband wig

- It takes around 5-10 minutes to properly install the headband wig including prepping the front of your hair.

Things to be aware of:

1. Be careful not to install the clips on the headband wig into your scalp. I have found that this gives me a headache overtime. I was advised to try clipping it onto a wig cap and then wearing it to prevent headaches.

2. Make sure you have realistic reviews from people you trust and their experiences

3. Find a shade that will match and or blend with your natural hair as some of your hair will be left out to achieve the headband wig effect

4. I would suggest not going for synthetic hair so that your headband wigs can last as long as you need them

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and or comments! I hope this was helpful and gives more insight into what headband wigs are like.


- CrystalO



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