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I am therapist by day and a content creator by night. A wife, lover of Jesus, all things aesthetically pleasing and cooking.

I am extroverted, literally

have never met a stranger, so

let's be friends!


The Social Media Identity Crisis

As a content creator, I am unfortunately subject to the ever changing rules of social media and even worse, the algorithm.

For the past couple of days I’ve been in major reflection mode. I’m probably in the middle of one of my biggest transitions yet and I have found myself asking “What is my purpose?”, “What do I even like to do?”, “What do I want people to take away from my social media pages & my life?” etc. The blunder of questions and the lack of answers honestly overwhelmed me and caused me to feel somewhat crippled.

As I shared this dilemma with my husband he encouraged me to write down a list of my “Social media values” and I LOVED the concept.

I quickly pulled out my phone and these are some things that came to mind:

  1. Transparency

  2. Encouragement

  3. Inspiration

  4. Representation

These are some core values that I want to guide me as I create content and also things that I want others to experience or receive when they come to my platform. I want people to leave my page(s) feeling seen and encouraged overall.

You're probably wondering why this blog post is necessary to begin with, but the truth is that sometimes our identity is under attack and If we aren’t careful to reestablish it, we can easily find ourselves lost and confused.

From social media so far, I’ve noticed that it’s really easy to hop on trends, grow a following and unfortunately lose who you really are in the process. I by no means want that to become me and desire to create a space where others can come to and not have to have this filter of perfection on — so if that’s you, stay a while. I’m happy you are here.

Whether you are a content creator or not, what are some social media values that you live by? If you don't have any, it is never too late to make some.



About Me

As a wife, entrepreneur, content creator and therapist, there is never a dull moment in my life.I am a lover of Jesus, beauty, skincare and wellness. I enjoy cooking and sometimes pretend like I have my own show while doing it. I am currently based in Dallas,Tx and I believe life is something to be shared with others and that is exactly what I love to do, sharing my journey and inspiring others along the way. I prefer honesty and authenticity, so you can expect that from me. I am excited you are here and hope the content on this website inspires, refreshes and encourages you.


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