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Top Sunscreen To Protect Your Skin This Spring & In ALL Seasons

Have you ever heard the saying that states "protect your investment?" Well lets just say the investment here is your face. After spending hundreds of dollars investing into its wellness and health, forgetting to factor in sunscreen leaves that investment unprotected. As a woman of color, finding sunscreens without a harsh white tint can be challenging. In todays post, I am going to share my honest reviews on the sunscreens below. I have tried all and enjoyed all of the sunscreens listed, but I have found that different ones serve different purposes. I also once believed that because I had darker complexion, that I did not need sunscreen... This is far from the truth (All photos below are shop-able).

Some Benefits Of Wearing Sunscreen

  1. Decreases the look of hyperpigmentation

  2. Reduces the risk of Melanoma or burning

  3. Helps maintain elasticity of skin (Signs of Aging etc)

1. innisfree Matte Priming UV Daily Defense SPF

For all of my makeup wearers who desire to throw their sunscreen on before a cute look, the innisfree Matte Priming UV Shield sunscreen helps you skip a step and save time by also acting as a primer for your makeup! This product does leave a mild white tint that is not noticeable after makeup is applied on top of it.

2. Supergoop! Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 Sunscreen Serum PA+++

This Supergoop Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 Sunscreen Serum PA +++ can sit in for your d